Electric Meters

Electric Meters

All of our electric hook up pitches are on a Smartcard meter; you will be issued with a card at check in.  Your card will be credited with electricity for the number of nights that you have already paid for when you made your booking.

Please note that the meters display how many KhW you have rather than a monetary amount.

On arrival:  Using the Electric Meter

  • Flick the green trip switch on.

  • Insert the card in to the slot that is highlighted in red.

  • Take the card out.
  • Put your hook up cable in.

  • Rotate the grey isolater switch to the on position; this locks your hook up cable in place.
  • Keep your card safe.

Top Ups:  How to Top Up

  1.  You can top up your card if you wish in denominations of £5.00 and £10.00 up to a maximum of £50.00.
  2. Tops ups are by card payment only.
  3. Tops ups can be made at the warden’s office or the campsite reception/shop.

When leaving:  Departure and Refunding your Credit

  1. Place you finger on the red button.
  2. Insert the card, the machine will show the words B Good.
  3. Remove the card, keeping your finger on the red button.
  4. Take your finger off the red button.
  5. If this has been done correctly the screen will say no credit and the meter will beep.
  6. Take your card to either the warden’s office or the campsite reception/shop to claim your refund (this is refunded as a card payment only).
  7. Once you have left the site and handed your barrier pass in you have checked out and your meter will be cleared.  This means that you cannot return to claim the credit.

If you Lose your Card:

  1. Lost electric cards will be charged at £2.00 per card and will forfeit any refund due.


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